Personal Protective Equipment for Medical Facilities

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People rely on medical facilities to maintain their health and wellbeing. Therefore, it is essential that these facilities are safe, especially during these times. The spreading germs, bacteria, and viruses — such as COVID-19 — are known to be at a higher risk in medical facilities such as hospitals and doctor offices. Frontline healthcare workers have a need for personal protective equipment more than any other sector in order to curb the rate of infections and help keep our communities safe.

At Archmill House Inc, we know that with COVID-19 in full swing, nations across the globe are battling for access to medical gear and PPE. Keeping our nurses, doctors, and physicians safe and healthy is essential and we have the tools your medical facility needs to protect workers and customers alike.

Reasons Medical Facilities Should Be Using Personal Protection Equipment

  • Acrylic shields and other medical PPE create a barrier between patients, doctors, and germs.
  • Helps in preventing the spread of infection through saliva, mucus, and other fluids
  • Shows that your facility care about the safety and wellbeing of employees and patients
  • Medical PPE is available in custom sizes to fit unique facility needs
  • PPE supplies can be designated to protect different areas throughout your medical environment

Protect Your Frontline Healthcare Workers With Medical PPE

We cannot thank nurses, doctors, and other frontline healthcare workers enough for the work that they do. The very least we can do is be a PPE supplier that they can rely on whenever they are in need of personal protection equipment. Medical PPE, such as hanging sneeze guards, separation shields, and temperature taking shields, can be used in patient waiting areas and throughout your medical facility to help prevent the spreading of airborne bacterial germs and viruses, such as COVID-19.

Reasons Medical Facilities Should Be Using Personal Protection Equipment

Hospitals, doctors offices, and other medical facilities follow strict cleaning and disinfecting measures to keep their facility safe from wide-spread germs, bacteria, and viruses. As an added precautionary measure, many of these facilities are using acrylic shields and other medical PPE.

Don’t put the health and wellness of nurses, doctors, and patients at risk of getting infected, equip your facility with the right personal protective equipment.


Order Medical PPE Today

Frontline healthcare workers need the right equipment to create barriers between patients, doctors, and germs. If you haven’t implemented sneeze guards, acrylic shields, and other personal protection equipment in patient waiting rooms and throughout your medical facility, place an order today and be one step closer to helping promote physical separation plus the safety and wellbeing of everyone inside.

Many of our personal protection products can be manufactured in custom shapes, sizes, and specifications to meet the unique needs of hospitals, dental offices, doctors offices, and other facilities in the medical industry. For information and pricing on bulk orders, please contact us!