Personal Protective Equipment for Retail Stores

Keep Your Frontline Retail Workers Safe


Find PPE for Grocery Stores and Other Retail Environments

With the global pandemic caused by COVID-19, retail stores are now taking safety and precautionary measures to ensure that their business is safe for both employees and customers and helps prevent spreading of airborne bacteria and viruses. In addition to regular cleaning and disinfection, implementing personal protective equipment can help contribute to the safety and wellbeing of both employees and customers.

Personal protective equipment (PPE) is a great way to create physical separation and promote social distancing in retail environments. As Canada’s leading PPE supplier, Archmill House Inc., manufacturers a wide selection of acrylic shields and other protective plexiglass barriers that are designed to help retail businesses keep their employees and customers safe.

Reasons Retail Stores Should Be Using Personal Protection Equipment

  • Helps prevent the spreading of bacterial germs and viruses among employees and customers
  • Provides physical separation and helps maintain social distance near register and areas of customer service
  • Shows that your business cares about the safety and wellbeing of employees and customers
  • Personal protective equipment is available in custom sizes to fit unique business needs
  • PPE supplies can be designated to protect different areas throughout your retail environment

Gain Peace of Mind in Knowing Your Store is Safer

Airborne bacterial germs and viruses, such as COVID-19, are spread mostly by airborne droplets that are released when people talk, cough, or sneeze. Using personal protective equipment can help prevent germs and viruses from in retail environments, such as supermarkets and department stores. At Archmill House Inc. our personal protective equipment is designed to do just that — protect. Using durable acrylic sneeze guards, hand sanitizer stands, and other PPE products throughout your retail environment is a great way to fight against the spreading of germs, bacteria, and viruses among employees and customers.

Retail Stores Trust Archmill For Personal Protective Equipment Solutions

Archmill House Inc. has already helped many retail stores find solutions for the best safety precautions possible during these times. We’ve worked with many retail environments throughout Canada to make their space safer for working employees and shopping customers. We have even worked with the Liquor Control Board of Ontario, installing acrylic shields and other plexiglass barriers through liquor stores.

If you operate a retail environment, now is the perfect time to begin implementing PPE and making your store safer for all that enter.


Keep Your Frontline and Customers Safe

As you begin implementing other safety and precautionary measures throughout your retail store or environment, consider using personal protective equipment to prevent the rapid spreading of airborne bacterial germs and viruses. Adding counter or hanging acrylic shields at cash registers will provide a physical barrier between your employees and customers during transactions, helping promote physical separation plus the safety and wellbeing of everyone inside.

Many of our personal protection products can be manufactured in custom shapes, sizes, and specifications to meet the unique needs of stores and other businesses in the retail industry. For information and pricing on bulk orders, please contact us!